International Shipping

All products are sold with free international airmail shipping. They ship from Brisbane, Australia, so expect international orders to arrive in around 2-3 weeks. Expect despatch and a tracking number within 5 days of purchase.


Composite Video Converters

Waveblitter can be used directly on CRT monitors, TVs or projectors with an RCA input. The Waveblitter device may also be used via an RCA to HDMI convertor for use with modern screens or projectors. These converters work with PAL or NTSC output modes on Waveblitter. They can be purchased from as little as $10-15 and are a very effective way of displaying analog video if you don't have an analog monitor.



An instruction sheet is provided with the packaged product. Any further support questions or setup information for Waveblitter will be answered promptly via email: blittertech@shopify.com


Upgrades/ Software Updates

Waveblitter software update downloads will be provided on this site to cover any bug fixes or new features. These will be released when required. Software update instructions will be included with the update.



All devices are individually tested before shipping. Products may be returned with shipping at your expense. You have the option for a full refund OR repair of your item or new replacement depending on requirements.