WB Image Upload

There are audio-reactive "image" modes on the B/W Waveblitter

Greyscale images of 160 x 144 px (GameBoy Camera size) or 300 x 76 px can be uploaded. Colour images are converted to greyscale. Images larger than the 2 maximum sizes are cropped.

These are the steps to connect and upload images:

  1. Select "image upload" in settings. Hold the top SET button for 2 seconds.
  2. Select "web server" option then hold bottom SET button for 2 seconds.
  3. Waveblitter will restart in the special "web server" mode. Connect your computer or device with a browser to the WB-Access wifi hosted by the Waveblitter. Enter the wifi password displayed on the Waveblitter screen the first time.
  4. Open on your browser.
  5. Upload and assign your images to modes.
  6. Press SET down to exit "web server" mode. Disconnect the USB-C cable to fully reset the Waveblitter.


Audio-reactive Robotron "image" mode: