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Waveblitter Color video synthesizer

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Waveblitter Color audio-reactive video synth with inbuilt video player. MJPEG videos are added via a microSD card. Settings of the video synth can be stored with each video so a complete 'scene' can be quickly recalled. Because of the inbuilt video player, unique framebuffer and frame rate effects are possible.

- Analog (composite) video via RCA jack, output mode in PAL or NTSC

- Line-in audio or CV input via 3.5mm jack

- Ambient audio input via inbuilt microphone with automatic gain

- Audio input mode is switchable

- 15 audio-reactive video effect modes

- Chroma control allowing color saturation to be instantly adjusted

- Low pass filter (LPF) control affecting either audio input type

- Intensity control to manage output size, image intensity, beat sensitivity etc (dependant on effect mode)

- Color pallete setting allowing 16 bit (65536 colors), 8 bit (256 colors) or glitch palette

- Individual RBG settings for max (255), off (0) or normal

- Video playback FPS setting, adjustable from 8-25 FPS depending on output resolution

- OLED display screen shows current mode and settings. Settings can be saved

- Micro USB powered (cable included)

- 32GB microSD card included


125m x 82mm x 50mm


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